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According to recently published the economic newspaper Cinco Dias, during some internal meetings recently, Alierta asked executives that increase revenues by 2012 to reach a turnover of 70,000 million, i.e. an increase of 14 billion, that it would be more than what was promised to investors. Alierta also wants to expand the number of customers from the current 260 million to 320. Alierta, adds five days, wants, with this objective, be number one in the digital world which could imply that the Spanish operator wants to exceed in value to the two telecoms global ahead of it in bag, Vodafone and China Mobile AT & T – is dedicated to the mobile – only, but is above all a philosophical question, since be better does not necessarily mean worth moreexplain sources of the company. The idea is that individuals, businesses and households are increasingly more digital, and will make that carriers can expand its services to other areas such as the financial, health or the entertainment.

This objective of the 70,000 million raised by Cesar Alierta would mean an increase of 23% compared to 2009. To achieve this, Alierta has driven in Telefonica a strategy to three years, called Bravo, aimed at accelerating the process of transformation necessary to ensure, efficiently and also sustainable, the capture of the growth potential of the sector, according to sources in the group. This strategy rests on four basic columns: platforms, customer, supply and culture. Alierta marked their executives a few years ago some financial projections for 2009 higher than the market expected, but the crisis was that it could not meet that goal. The big question is whether Cesar Alierta will be able this time of Telefonica to achieve these goals. The truth is that it has many things in its favour, and some against. Please, Alierta has a company that enjoys a hegemonic position in numerous markets.

This reality will not change in the short term. It must be remembered that the Spanish multinational company is present in more than 20 countries, and in all of them the company of Alierta is a key player. On the other hand, the resources on which it counts Alierta are not negligible, both liquidity and resources human should remember that more than 200,000 professionals working for the group that directs Cesar Alierta. Alierta, finally, demonstrated in the past that it is capable of bending in a few years the turnover of a huge group like Telefonica. It will be able to achieve its goals again? Opposite you will have powerful opponents, but it has a few ACEs in the sleeve.