Brazilian Election

Repetitive and vocs taste of to be readers cannot help me not to be, ordering its histories also. God allowing, this day of chronicles will be long, after all the Pantry of the World, in Brazil, will be in 2014. But we go to the other interesting history of 0x0 of Brazil in Pantries. If first 0x0 of the history of the Pantries was between Brazil and England, in 58, our Election entered, in another one ties up to without gols, that if it became description, in 1994, on the first time that the decision of a world-wide one was in the maximum penalties. In 17 of July of 94, Brazil entered in field to make its 73 left in Pantries. It was its fifth decision of headings, gains 3 (58,62 and 70) and loses 1 (50). The adversary was Italy, known ' ' Azzurra' ' , that it would also make its fifth decision and, equally to Brazil, gains 3 (34,38 and 82) and loses 1 (70). If in 70, Brazilians and Italians they were bichampion and the heading would give the goblet (Jules Rimet) in definitive for one of the elections, in 94, both (and more Germany) they were tricampees and then the first tetracampeo of the world would be known.

It had passed 24 years since the last heading conquered for ours ' ' Canarinho&#039 election; ' in Pantries (tri of 70, in Mexico, cons the Italians), but ' ' Azzurra' ' it had been, 12 years before, in 82, in Spain, the spine in the throat of the fantastic Election mounted for Tel Santana, with Zico, Scrates, Hawk, der and as much others craques. With 3 gols of Paolo Rossi, the Italians had taken off that team wonderful, in fourth of ends of the Pantry, when all bet that nobody would take off the heading of Brazil. In 94, revanche was the possibility of one, but with a Brazilian Election well more modest, with Dunga, Mauro Silva, Zinho and more the genius in that world-wide one of baixinho Romrio, good performances of the good Bebeto Bahian and discrete participation of RAI (brother of the Scrates), that it used historical shirt 10, that ' ' it paraded and it turned lenda' ' in 4 Pantries, with Skin (58,62,66 and 70) and it was honored, in others four, for craques Rivellino (74 and 78) and Zico (82 and 86). The end in 94 was nervous, 0x0 of the normal time followed until the end of the extension and for the first time since 1930, a Pantry of the World would be determined in the pnaltis. the 94,194 people who folloied the game in the stadium Rose Bowl, in Pasadena (U.S.A.), more millions of viewers in everybody, turn Baresi Italian to beat the first penalty and to order the ball superficially; later Mrcio Saints to beat for the defense of Pagliuca; Albertini made the goal; Romrio tied up to l; Evani made the goal; White ties up to of new goal; Massaro beats and defense of Taffareeeel; captain Dunga beats and makes the goal. Then craque Robert Baggio has broken and isolates the ball over the goal. It was Brazil 0x0, but tetracampeo (3×2) in the pnaltis. Edson Silva is journalist in Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@