Birds with their beautiful feathers, their sweet voice and the beauty that surrounds them has made them one of the larger animals like, so much so for a long time humans were animals that birds could have at home, providing all its beauty and companionship to humans and it is on this issue will be development in this text, topic which deals with domestic birds. Domestic birds are those birds that have been introduced to the daily life of households, as these animals are adapted easily to the climates and environments of rural and urban areas, among the most common pet birds can be found cockatoos , parakeets, canaries, parrots, parakeets, parrots, macaws, but other domestic birds of different species, but these do not have the volume or the amount handled domestic birds which were mentioned earlier generally these domestic birds were mostly native climates or areas jungle where the climate is wet – except for the canary that is native to a tropical area – but have had an easy adjustment or means or temperate climates to which they have been introduced. Domestic birds were first introduced to the homes of people during the eighteenth century, where birds were sold throughout the world, hence today you can find birds in a site which is not his native place for this is that it highlights both the adaptability that has the birds, but some care must be taken so that domestic birds are in the best shape possible and is suitable habitat for their development and survival. Terms of the care that must be taken with domestic birds, we must bear in mind that there are certain aspects that vary depending on the kind of domestic birds that wish to have at home, so domestic birds such as cockatoos, parrots, macaws by their nature tend to be large birds size, so it is good to have a large cage or used to being outdoors, these domestic birds also have a vast plumage which helps them to be outside more resistance because cold weather conditions, and domestic birds smaller ones such as canaries or parakeets, small domestic birds to be put in cages can be smaller, but because smaller domestic birds have fewer feathers and therefore need more care about cold weather, but be in mind that domestic birds whatever their size or volume of its plumage, enjoy and feel much better if they are available in sunny climates. Domestic birds really enjoy the cage if they are appropriate with elements that are helpful for their development, so put a good swing, bars, a container in which to introduce themselves and give a small bathroom, wood chips for play and a very important element is an object that serves to be the peak limen or nails, either a rock or something else on which to iron out these parts. With this care pet birds will feel much better and coexistence with humans will be much nicer.. Sen. Sherrod Brown often addresses the matter in his writings.