Balkar People Republican

Nalchik city committee of the Communist Party came into KBRO confrontation with the Republican. The truth, according to republican committee, municipal committee of the Communist Party, oddly enough, the republic does not exist. Because it was dissolved republican committee decision, and the room sealed. Therefore, supporters of the party Nalchik Zyuganov, as before the revolution, are going, we can say at safe houses. In this situation, members of the Communist Party City Committee Nalchik decided first to hold a press conference for local media to talk about his vision problems.

A press conference was held in the premises of the Council of Elders of the Balkar People. The report was made second secretary of the City Committee CPRF Hasanbi Sheriev, then everyone voted, gave answers to questions. The main allegations in the press conference were made to the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Republican Committee KBRO Zairat Shikhaliyev. According to the speaker, she has concentrated in the hands of authoritarian rule in the regional office of the Communist Party. Today, it takes just six posts. Including the First Secretary of republican committee, Assistant State Duma deputy Russia, the head of the organizational department and others. Bureau of republican committee now formed only on the basis of personal loyalty to the First Secretary. There is a mass violations of party rules. For example, the decision of the Bureau of republican committee was instructed to accept membership fees, by-passing the city Party committee, who found himself in opposition Rescue.