Balkans Act

Scenario: the war in Yugoslavia, April 14. First Act: an experienced pilot American view from an altitude of 5000 meters, a group of vehicles heading towards Djakovica, near the Albanian border. Second Act: the pilot busy because now is going to end the fuel of its F-16, quickly released a bomb and immediately returns to tank. Act III: various tractors (Yes, tractors of those of plowing the ground!) pulverized, many bodies of Albanians scattered several meters in all directions and many others moaning of pain at the loss of its members. Fourth Act: Jamie Shea, the spokesman for NATO, in world press conference, without making the minor gesture of repentance or shame, says that any conflict in history has been exempt from errors is necessary to accept the deaths of some to save a large number of humans do not I can guarantee that this type of error will not be repeated in the future feel deeply the loss of civilian lives. This terrifying drama of war in the Balkans does not seem to us important due to the remoteness of Yugoslavia and the little understandable cause of the conflict. We look at it as when children have fun front your computer with one of those games of virtual flames and luminous victims who die by emitting a strange electronic sound.

We believe that does not affect us at all. We think that it is not our war. However, there it is. You can at any time become a new world war and finally, almost, with human life. Then we remember Einstein’s response when asked how could be her third world war: I can not imagine, he said, as it will be. But the Fourth World War will be a stone and stick! And the war in the Balkans must not only why we care. It is one further demonstration of the interference of world powers in the internal affairs of the countries in development, i.e. of countries like ours: socially poor, but with an extraordinary richness in natural resources.

A cumin matter to them, developed countries, international law. They always argue humanitarian reasons, imminent attacks on their safety and clear peaceful purposes! They shares while they investigate and at the end only excuse, being generous in aid (lease fluctuating interest loans) reconstruction. International commentators make great debates around armed interventions, write lots of pages about its causes, explained their purposes in a thousand ways and crazy all over the world with its historical, political and statistical data. But the thing is simple: behind every intervention of this nature are the power and money. Colombia did not escape this horrific mechanics. There has been, even, balkanizing our country or ask the American intervention to resolve our conflict. What deluded! As if they need our respectful requests to bombard us! It is simply not yet so attractive, economically and politically American armed intervention in our country. But it will be if we neglect. And if it happens we’ll hear that terrifying phrase of pardon if we kill them. We do it for its own sake!