Authority Traffic Police

What will happen to from this innovation? Consider the most common cases: A person has committed an AP, while a few hundred kilometers from their place of residence or vehicle registration. In drawing up the protocol on the case of AP, the person filed a motion for the case of residence or place of registration sheet. On arrival of a person to their place of residence or place of registration of vehicle is subsequently found that because of the frequent failures in the mail or body aroused STSI administrative proceedings, the case file within 2 months are not available to the authority specified in the application. If interpreted literally the future rule of law, it turns out that the validity of BP renewed only by the body which is competent to hear the case on administrative offense. The authority of the residence or vehicle registration shall not be entitled to extend the BP, since he has not yet made it to production, and therefore does not have the powers in relation to the face.

The authority has sent materials of the case also took off further powers in this case. It turns out that a person deprived of legal rights without a court order. If a case of SARS on the declared motion was not directed and continues to be in Authority Traffic Police initiate a PA, then in this case, the person liable to administrative penalty, after 2 months deprived of the right vehicle control due to the fact that the physically unable to visit the body.