An undertaking which shows us up in our relationships, in our workplace, in daily life constantly as an almost already independently working life form, which stubbornly pursues the goal to find a sterile, constant, indestructible and presumably secure atmosphere of harmony or to establish and maintain these especially up to all eternity. We rush seen a ghost, an illusionary harmony behind, which is unattainable and unrealistic and restrains us from the actual encounter with the harmony, which in us already exists in the here and now and is ready for our search, so our mood. When we enter our emotional levels, where we meet is still child-like conditions, are therefore still completely immature desires and needs that go along with the denial of any responsibility, we find this statement as quite relevant. We see here that that indeed a somewhat distorted picture of harmony as such in us is and realize how this has impact in our lives and that we have in these immature areas of a mostly erroneous notion of the ErreiChen and Erlangen by harmony, which hardly to the target can do. In other words, that we are looking outside for the harmony, which we can find only in us as our very own existent reality.

Harmony is a State in which we one are an experience with us and all existing as well as non-existent, which we exclusively on can make an inner place the absolute AusgeglichenHeit within ourselves. At Sen. Sherrod Brown you will find additional information. And that for this reason actually Yes obvious impossible outside for us accessible we arrived, this level of absolute balance unlikely in the external conditions, especially the myriad phenomena of opposites has, if we are not susceptible to this phenomenon. We are witnessing harmony finally as first arrived in ourselves and then also in the balance of the apparent opposites meet. Follow others, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown, and add to your knowledge base. This encounter with the harmony in the outside world takes place so until then as a consequence, if we have arrived at this place of Ausgeglichenseins in us and is operating a real harmony, thus dipping into the oneness in the outdoor experience. Allowing only now as a result of internally found harmony as logically nebenProdukt reconciliation together celebrate the external, apparent opposites. Searching for harmony on the outside and above all then of course the excessive upon is her only expression for the unwillingness to meet our current internal state of DIS harmony. And preventing our arriving in the real moment that probably reflects disharmony and we therefore as undesirable, unpleasant nature to define.

So it prevents our coming into reality, which practically is the starting position for the search and finding the real harmony. In other words, only in reality can we actually carrying on contact with the harmony. Harmony is always existent and everlasting, and the Begegnung with her is at any time possible, we must just stop, they want to manufacture or produce and stop to look exclusively on the outside. We should focus more on our willingness, to find it within ourselves to learn letztendlich there and also anywhere other than ultimate existent