Astonished Ruth

"Wait for me a moment," he said as he turned to call the nursing section and asked if Ruth asked what was possible. a "Sorry ma'am, the doctor is very busy. Is that the entire staff is. What I can offer you is a volunteer. As we do not keep up with the staff, since all this has overflowed, we had to get help from volunteers who accompany patients on family and everything they can. The nurse tells me that her daughter talked to one of them before falling asleep. Want to talk with him? – "Of course I want to please.

I need to know where my son. And anyone who can help will be very welcome, "said teary-eyed Ruth a " tell that person to want to see it. A few minutes later she approached a young man who was not more than twenty years with a smile. a "Lady In that I can help? I am available for anything you need and can do. "Hello." That young man you are! – Astonished Ruth said "I hope you can tell me something about my son.

His name is Sebastian Hoffman. They told me you were talking to my daughter before she fell asleep. Her name is Tatiana .- "Of course, responded with a huge smile the young a " the pregnant girl who was desperately searching for her husband. "Pregnant you say? – Ruth said, startled. "Oh sorry! It is the first time I do a job like this and know the rules.