Apinags Village

Three years later this number it arrives at about 350, perfazendo an approach total of 1800 people inhabiting in the aventado district. One of the facts that had contributed for this urban growth can have been the distribution of headings of aforamento carried through for the Municipal City hall of Are Joo of the Araguaia, for the inhabitants of the locality of Is Domingos of the Cans. However, this dumb denomination from 1967, after a resolution of the City council that transforms the mentioned district into Is Domingos of the Araguaia. However, the construction of the Transamaznica highway in the decade of 70, together with the politics of settling of the desenvolvimentistas governments and ' ' disponibilidade' ' of lands, it is that they had propitiated the coming of new inhabitants for Are Domingos. Thus, the opening of this road speeds up the growth of the city, therefore before exactly of the inauguration of it, in 1971, some come trucks of Anpolis and So Paulo, had arrived at the town bringing migrantes and buying rice.

The construction of this highway also provided the transference of many traders of Apinags for Is Domingos, since the first mentioned locality if retracted as for the number of population and commercial flows, therefore the 18 road passed about km of the same one. In this manner, the village of Is Domingos grew and if it became necessary the creation of new quarters, as the Perpetual Aid, New Are Domingos, So Lus, Moiss Village, Braga Village, Freedom, New So Lus, Aldenira Fleet, Independence and New Plateaus. The urban growth in the direction of the Aaizal Narrow river provoked a series of problems, ambient as in such a way social. The left edge of this narrow river occurred the downtown growth and of the Perpetual quarter Aid, and the estruturao of the quarters Moiss Village and Braga Village.