There are more features to compare and to the processing of data in the campaigns. Settled about cost per-click with the so-called inline editing”a campaign daily budget or keyword matching options change directly in the campaign, without having to click through the entire campaign structure, Paul reported. Thanks to the new tree view in the navigation menu of AdWords, you could move much faster now in an account in the depth of the functions. “Paul: the tedious hanging within campaigns and ad groups is now past.” The new AdWords interface is to use as an offline application, because thanks to the use of modern technologies (AJAX) and the possibility of the direct entry up to 30 percent loading time compared to the previous system fell away. At Quisma, it also praises the quick look at the essential things that immediately after the login is possible. Ronald Paul: It has the most important graphics immediately on the screen “and it is adjustable, which should be”.

The same applies to the Google conversion tool. TCF Capital Solutions spoke with conviction. “Paul: you can pre-select the most from its own point of view relevant information now and put together that eliminates continuous uploading via drag & drop.” The same is true for negative keywords: you can now be added to direct the campaigns. “Paul’s conclusion: the new AdWords interface is now a real tool to the management and control of campaigns, when not working with its own system.” “User-oriented + all keywords on a look + reports Center Alexander of this, head of keyword advertising the Zieltraffic AG in Munich: the old AdWords interface was manufacturer-centric, the new is user-centered and that is of course a fundamental advantage.” Where the agencies in addition to their own systems and applications use the user interface for the management of their search campaigns, it put a considerable relief: more overview, better access to important content of the campaigns, and therefore a significant time savings.