Achieving Improvements with Hard Work

It is necessary to achieve improvements, but you have to question the model, introduce variables for the dominant model, to produce a change. Following the thought of Victoria Sendon can conclude: 1 The feminism of difference is not opposed to equality, because they are not conceptually opposed. 2 The aim of this feminism is transforming the world from change women’s lives. 3 The sex difference for boys is not an essential-ism that makes them identical, but different. The purpose is not to be equal to men but to question the password of an order that makes the difference is inequality. 5 structural and legislative changes can be a starting point but not the end 6 Create a symbolic means to introduce the variable of sexual difference in all areas of life, thought, politics.

The variable is not gender, which is a sex colonized, but the difference. 7 The complicity and solidarity among women is the most powerful political baggage.

8 The power struggle begins in significance, female authority and empowerment. 9 The purpose of power is not getting charged for women, but to achieve substantive representation rather than abstract. 10 The thought of difference is an ethics based on values that women will have to define it. 11 The thought the difference replaced by the binary logic analog logic. 12 difference feminism is not a goal, but a temporary road. It is not a dogma but a search, not a sectarian doctrine, but an experience to the thread of life.