October 31st, 2017

Capricorn in the Age of Aquarius global discovery and change is something that mankind will officially communicate, to cooperate with extraterrestrial civilizations, and parallel worlds. It is the first time in its history, come into Space conglomerate of Civilizations (long-standing). Humanity will be taken by a member of the space community of other (different) civilizations, […]

According to recent acts of opposition, or try to burn the last few rounds to try to give a gentle tap our president of the republic, fully constituted by a landslide vote of the Venezuelans, we have been observing in what way the leaders old policy or output of the coffins mummies oldest society, is […]

Directorate General

October 28th, 2017

If the house is not typical, then the projects are developed individually. So, to begin to tcc and the approved project. On the basis of their form construction documents (CAP). On the basis of its funds are allocated for works, procurement of materials and equipment. This is a problem created by the prefectures gdez (Directorate […]

Vladimir Vladimirovich

October 27th, 2017

It was an average of 12 rubles per hour, and is 32 rubles per hour. You favor the development of Internet, its availability and lower prices. So take any action against a rise in prices on the internet that company-monopolist. Internet access is unavailable to many. Nikolay, 49, Krasnodar, 06/30/2006 – 3072 votes Transport and […]

Proceeding from this position, it turns out that the participants in the common shared property constitute a kind of corporate organization, designed to effectively and efficiently managed in the interests of the majority of the common land. In general, I wonder how the members of the Constitutional Court‘s such a rich imagination? Want to ask […]

Economy Crises

October 20th, 2017

The inhabitants of the poorest neighborhoods of Port au Prince and other towns Haitians take to the streets to protest food prices. The protests are such that they have achieved what had previously only achieved the military revolts: forcing the resignation of a prime minister. International public opinion demands action to protect Haiti and many […]

Conservative Party Years

October 18th, 2017

It is true that by the time the balance of power in the 'big three' have changed dramatically, and not in favor of England: it led the U.S. and the ussr, which, contrary to the predictions Sir Winston, scored an unprecedented military strength and authority, and the British had to accept the role of junior […]

Transporting Enriched Uranium

October 17th, 2017

87.7% of enriched uranium has been smuggled in Obninsk, a secret city 80 miles southwest of Moscow. Ohio Senator is open to suggestions. One of the smugglers was captured Russian Alexandr Scerbinin Prague, former Czech nuclear worker for an import-export company called a Transportation . During questioning, it is clear that Czech was not terrified […]

Graduate Program Coordinator

October 16th, 2017

The location allows for a great strength as Venezuela and Brazil are neighboring countries which facilitates the exchange between both nations. 3 .- The existence of bilateral agreements between both nations in terms strengthening investment in energy and petroleum, which represents a fortress in the presence of new markets. Threats 1 .- The Brazilian nation […]


October 15th, 2017

Botulinum toxin is produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria, but actually the active ingredient purified at the end of the 70 in the laboratory to result in the BTX-A (botulinum toxin type A). In Spain, was adopted almost a decade with cosmetic indications and a clear objective of preventing aging (rejuvenation effect). This effect is achieved […]