Grand Council

December 22nd, 2015

Mary Magdalene: the doctrine depth to this time, the meeting with the prophet Agabus, it would be a meeting like the ones we had before, that is, free from constraints that might limit participation in some form of the squad. a The call was very clear and precise, called men and women, should be all […]

Anglo Politicians

December 6th, 2015

That is, that with declaration of goods or without her, the contributors we followed without clarifying to us of how they are the things. The important thing, really, is not the quantity of the patrimony of ours muncipes and other politicians, but if this one has been obtained allowedly or no. is to know the […]


December 1st, 2015

The politicians walk in habitual his cuitas, nothing new under the sun, the economy goes remedies it to nobody downwards, the politicians act with spurious I interest does not watch the communal property. The economic fastenings are those that mark our existence, the politicians do not have you narrow economic because they live in a […]