Federal Council

May 26th, 2014

Also eliminated the hardship scheme regarding the unacceptability of cost increases in the future or the hardship test in the later following rental increase procedure is moved. Because the weighing scale is not aggravated, the lessee also given hardness reason before rent is protected. The delays incurred be dropped now, and the lessor receives substantially […]


May 19th, 2014

The question of whether it is or not possible to prevent acne in adults, which is a very common situation. There are many adults who are suffering from this disorder. But the answer to this question is not a simple Yes or no. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult than it seems. This is because […]

Universal Law

May 12th, 2014

Dear son, you know that the way that you have chosen to live makes you lose God. You know, that all that we choose a conduct prohibited by God, we are choosing to lose the sky. And lamentably we preferred the comfort of our body; to satisfy the needs and desires with our matter, without […]


May 5th, 2014

When a man puts an end to a relationship abruptly, it is often sit down to take the relationship forward, it is faster to make him feel comfortable. Recalling recent times. Do recently has been pushing or nagging your man to commit to the future of the relationship? O well, could have been asking to […]