Russian Federation

July 31st, 2013

The list of such evidence in this legal act is not specified, nor does it specify the method of proof of such a relationship. This list is indicated in another normative act – Guidelines for the design of inheritance rights (approved by decision of the Board Minutes of the Federal Chamber of Notaries N 02/07 […]

Shoenstatt Y El Socialism

July 29th, 2013

Some years ago, when he was in high school in the GUE San Miguel de Piura, the school environment was disarrayed with 65 and 68 guerrillas (especially those of Ayabaca) at the end they were defeated but left us the conviction that ultimately these young rebels were good men who fought for a better world, […]

Bildunf Pedagogy

July 25th, 2013

For example in the educational Act there are rules or standards for teachers and one of them is: reach timely classes; and this usually arrives late, this situation presents an immoral case because is this breach with the internal regulations of the College. According to the different paradigms, there are authors that define pedagogy as […]


July 23rd, 2013

Many people wonder what is Twitter, what is used and how they have to use it, and it is a question difficult to answer, because Twitter is used practically what you want, and depending on what you want you have to use it in a way or another. Twitter is not neither more nor less […]


July 11th, 2013

In so far as the trade union sphere, have been made equally significant contributions to build beyond paper, collective and individual conduct of the journalist, the social Communicator with Trade Union, social and political consciousness. But beyond this there is a pending task and that the country must be rebuilt. So tragic and expectant. Where […]

Balkans Act

July 9th, 2013

Scenario: the war in Yugoslavia, April 14. First Act: an experienced pilot American view from an altitude of 5000 meters, a group of vehicles heading towards Djakovica, near the Albanian border. Second Act: the pilot busy because now is going to end the fuel of its F-16, quickly released a bomb and immediately returns to […]

United States

July 3rd, 2013

Tax havens are again in the spotlight. From the Summit of the G-20 in London in April 2009, has redoubled pressure on offshore financial centres, so that they relax their bank secrecy and end up with the opacity in the creation of companies, trusts and private foundations. The purpose is clear: put an end to […]

The Government

July 3rd, 2013

On his return to Japan, one day he was meditating and I realized the effects of a strong gust of wind on a willow tree and a cherry tree, he gave account that the strong branches of cherry trees broke under the onslaught of wind, while the thin and flexible willow branches are rostrums and […]