Brazilian Elections

December 28th, 2012

and later they say that nobody is interested for the country, that the remaining portion of the world does not know nothing on us, that they keep that old brief speech hypocritical? of: ' ' carnival, samba and safadeza' ' , when interrogated on what they know on this, let us say Immense ' ' […]

Hugo Chavez

December 22nd, 2012

In general, crosses the world with officiality rank the informed version of which violating dictators and of the human rights have been defenestrados of the power by their own town. The triumphal list of the Revolution of colors (that is for overthrowing dictators, as it were said) seems to request to shouts the head of […]


December 15th, 2012

To implement and to contextualizar this dynamics we will take in consideration the modifications that our society has faced in elapsing of the time, amongst them the sped up rhythm of information and the technological development that influence directly on the way to think, as well as the necessity of practical improvement in the pedagogical […]