In March and April 2007 virtually all Russian enterprises which are engaged in the steel industry, increased prices for manufactured products. There were massive publication, handling customers in government bodies in which condemns Russian metallurgists in the growth of inflation and price rise. The price increase earlier this year for raw materials has led to […]

Tax Deductions

February 3rd, 2011

Tax deduction – a kind of tax benefits that are provided through the release of tax revenues. That is, from the amount you received income from which to pay the tax deducted a certain amount, and therefore this benefit is called “deduction”. And once the tax base is smaller, and the amount of tax also […]

Professional Art

February 2nd, 2011

For example, in art. 15 of the Civil Code under the responsibility is understood as: "the responsibility of a citizen on its obligations all its property, except property which is in accordance with the law can not be foreclosed. " In Art. Part 1 of Art. 5 of the Professional Code liability – it is […]