The Crisis of Traditional Goverment

Ismael Blanco and Ricardo a Goma (2002, p. 7) describe the crisis traditional governance model as a starting point for a new logic of governance: a The traditional democratic government today is increasingly difficult to respond effectively and efficiently in an environment increasingly complex, uncertain and dynamic, and democratic legitimacy of public institutions is deteriorating to a public which is increasingly reflective and critical, with new valoresa they can not be satisfied with the simple provision of services technocratic publicos.

The historical moment has occurred in Barcelona as in many other places in the world, the need to legitimize action to pass new political institutions to integrate new and emerging subjects universal strategy of participatory citizenship. Thus, as the crisis of legitimacy, credibility and efficiency and effectiveness of representation is more acute, more has strengthened the idea of combining the representation involving Citizen (WOLKMER, 1997, p. 211 a “212). a This paradigm shift led to the formation of a nuevo collective subject as a community space for creating an identity and practices are organized commonscenes . Taking up with the concept of a comunidada (Sader, 1988) presented as a public space stablish pela legitimization of new social forces that seek together to realize their basic attempts. a The model of participatory democracy was well caught by the government of Barcelona by mobilizing a complex of social actors in articulating and integrating a common agenda around which all contribute their skills and talents for the effective conduct of public policies, raising a powerful local power and strategic territorial dimension.

Risk Capital Central

But despite all efforts to keep inflation under control, since the market already anticipated non-compliance with the inflation target by the Central Bank of Brazil. Is that the major financial market analysts predict an increase of 6.53% this year, inflation as measured by the Index of Consumer Prices (IPCA). The inflation target is located in Brazil at 4.5% with two percentage points of tolerance. The market expects the Central Bank of Brazil continue with the rate rising cycle until the end of the year. Chief economist for Banco Fator Doria, Jose Francisco de Lima Goncalves, this trend is unclear Central Bank of Brazil: a Creemos that the central bank will continue raising the rate a half percentage point at its next meeting, to take her to a level of 14.25% at the end of yra .

In connection therewith, the president of the Central Bank, Henrique Meirelles, gave a clear signal saying: a The company must be sure and have no doubt that the Central Bank will respond vigorously to changes in inflation. My friends told all these measures have been implemented in Brazil, but when asked a Why is that inflation does not yield? a My answer is much like that of President Lula when he says: a Cuando global inflation is not a homemade solution, when inflation is commodities not have a national solution is necessary to find comprehensive measures to solve a global problem . As one of my friends has investments in Brazil, I immediately asked: a What can happen to inflation in Brazil? a You can probably affect the demand immediate domestic product of the sharp increase in interest rates, but not older regenerates thinking about risks to the economy in the medium and long term because the sound policies which have been applied in Brazil protect the economy, with consequences. Inflation in Brazil is not an issue that can create instability in the economy or affect the strength and growth that is taking the same in the medium term, but is an issue to monitor, as it is doing the Lula government to prevent it from overflowing. We will meet again tomorrow, Horacio Horacio Daniel Pozzo Pozzo holds a BA in Economics and Master in Economics, both studies at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) -. Since 1999 and for three years worked in planning and financial management in the private sector.

He later served as researcher for the Center for Financial Stability where he participated in research projects for the World Bank, the Embassy of Great Britain, the IDB, CAF, among other international agencies, specializing in matters of Corporate Governance and Risk Capital. From November 2005 through November 2007 was part of the staff of Foundation Capital economists specializing in issues of inflation, monetary policy and financial system. Currently teaches Macroeconomics II Catholic University of La Plata (UCALP), serving as acting assistant professor. Author of several articles on monetary and financial system in the literature.

Contemporary Life in El Salvador

Jaime Parejo wrote and published a book in 1998, with two subsequent editions to date, which would include essential chapter fundamental schematic summary of the results of their research and scientific creativity and culminated, Method Chest. INTERVENTIONS IN INCIDENTS From April 1998 to date Jaime Parejo has been involved in numerous incidents involving the burial of persons (earthquakes, landslides, explosions, structural failures) in Colombia, Turkey, Taiwan, El Salvador, Chile, Spain … directing and active involvement in search operations (both outside and inside confined spaces collapsed structures), Canine Rescue teams from different institutions and countries, formally trained and certified with Arcon. The method based on the proven high the results of many operations, has received official recognition from governments and institutions. Conference has been selected by the respective scientific committees and organizers, as lecturer for major institutions, such as:

The Second National Meeting of the Medical Department by the National Board of Fire Chile School of Psychology at the Universidad del Mar (Chile) School of Veterinary Medicine, University Extremadura (Spain), University of San Carlos, Guatemala, where he teaches graduate course Conference on Disaster Management Specialty Exercises in International Humanitarian Allied Forces, coordinated by the United States Government through the Command United States Southern and CEPREDENAC (El Salvador), where in addition to teaching at the Delegates Conference of the 27 official members of the Fahoum, directs the UCR drills National Fire Corps in El Salvador, evident the very high Chest effectiveness of the method and report that Major General Keith Huber Southern Army Commander of the United States, along with one of his most important advisers, Robert Pelegreen said Jaime Parejo direct interest in the training course for Army teams with the method Bunker The IV International Congress on Veterinary Medicine Disaster, Universidad Central Marta Abreu, Santa Clara (Cuba) selected for presentation by the Scientific Committee VI International Congress of the International Working Dog Breeding Association, to disseminate among experts and scientists from many countries on all five continents, the most important scientific advances worldwide on the dog’s senses in the service of man and made in the Flanders Museum Field, Ieper (Belgium), in which, for example, the military command Krapez Saso, official representative in the event of the Slovenian Armed Forces, presented him with Jaime Parejo Recognition for their important work for humanity.