Ismael Blanco and Ricardo a Goma (2002, p. 7) describe the crisis traditional governance model as a starting point for a new logic of governance: a The traditional democratic government today is increasingly difficult to respond effectively and efficiently in an environment increasingly complex, uncertain and dynamic, and democratic legitimacy of public institutions is deteriorating […]

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December 8th, 2010

But despite all efforts to keep inflation under control, since the market already anticipated non-compliance with the inflation target by the Central Bank of Brazil. Is that the major financial market analysts predict an increase of 6.53% this year, inflation as measured by the Index of Consumer Prices (IPCA). The inflation target is located in […]

Jaime Parejo wrote and published a book in 1998, with two subsequent editions to date, which would include essential chapter fundamental schematic summary of the results of their research and scientific creativity and culminated, Method Chest. INTERVENTIONS IN INCIDENTS From April 1998 to date Jaime Parejo has been involved in numerous incidents involving the burial […]