Racism and Barack Obama

October 21st, 2010

Perhaps it is true that no government programs have been presented so well structured: perhaps even since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt. None had that free gift, overwhelming, indefinable, called charisma: perhaps since Ronald Reagan or from John Kennedy. And as to raise campaign contributions, Obama looks like a pyramid. (All of which sounds […]

It is necessary to achieve improvements, but you have to question the model, introduce variables for the dominant model, to produce a change. Following the thought of Victoria Sendon can conclude: 1 The feminism of difference is not opposed to equality, because they are not conceptually opposed. 2 The aim of this feminism is transforming […]


October 17th, 2010

The Power of School: For a Pedagogy Libertarian a (Reconsidering Estela Hugo Zemelman and Fifth) a Orlando Lozada Gnral Sec. Education Student Center VCU School a It is well known to all that from about 1940 the individual was subdued, and minimized and subjected to subordinate groups. The individual himself, if intervened in the propulsion […]

The Campaign to Succeed

October 17th, 2010

The excellent campaign being undertaken by the FC Barcelona, in the absence of a party to complete half of the league, it takes twelve points to the second, having lost only the first match (ie has not lost in league since 31 August), makes us wonder what are the keys to its success. The style […]

Politics, Puzzles and Power

October 16th, 2010

At that knows my good friend Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, managing and administering his great ability to mediate the teams competing in the League of Professional Politics Venezuela. Has been devoted to Sudoku. I remain committed to the puzzles, the politicians, of course. The puzzles have become a Sudoku. Big mistake. The unit is a puzzle, […]

Building a Nation

October 16th, 2010

Which leads to the conclusion that to build a nation has to do with culture as training, as one must understand the German term meaning Bildunf image, imagination and development. Today the term in pedagogy Bildunf concerns all students, which means that this activity was re-school the object. The Bildunf wing is a process and […]

Freedom is a Gift From God

October 16th, 2010

The second is freedom: freedom is the supreme gift of God to man after life. So sacred is the obligation incumbent on all to respect freedom, and to respect life. Man has the same right to one than the other, because it was given by God Himself. Without freedom life is not worth living. There […]

Seems not heard of the Peace Corps and other humanitarian aid programs that the United States provides for the planet for 50 years, with the result that the recipients never considered sufficient and hate Americans to death. Another genius obsessed surprisingly dangerous level of incongruity, is Daniel Barenboim. As musical shines in its ability, so […]

Effective Quality Management

October 13th, 2010

These include: The management of the future, effective management, administration challenges in the XXI century, the administration in a time of great change, address non-profit institutions, Managing in hard times, The Effective Executive , The new realities, time challenges, time of reinvention (with Isao Nakauchi) leader and leader (with Peter Senge and others). The three […]